The core business of the Lazarus Group of Companies since 2008 has been gold mining. The bulk of that mining occurs in Lazarus’ Ghana mines in the Bebiani Ashanti Region and in Lazarus’ Mindanao concessions in the Philippines. Lazarus is currently expanding its share of global mining activities into the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

    Lazarus is also engaged in the refining of gold with private refineries in Accra and Butuan City.

    Lazarus operates 8 pawn shops, 2 ships, 3 solar farms, a plant leasing firm and a scrap metal processing plant. The Lazarus Group is part owner of the mining security firm Crypt Security and operates a mine monitoring centre close to Clark airbase in Luzon.

    The Lazarus Foundation is a Swiss-based operation focusing on eradicating child slavery, providing power to villages in the developing world through solar installations, engaging in tree planting and restoring gravel pits across previously mined areas, which have led to so many unnecessary child deaths over the years. Lazarus is a privately owned enterprise and seeks no outside investors. The Team Lazarus goal is to expand the Lazarus proposition as fast and solidly as feasible; while leaving the Lazarus Foundation to benefit from Lazarus philanthrocapitalism and help solve some of the world’s numerous and distressing problems in the lands where Lazarus operates.

    Lazarus’ goal is at all times to maximize the lives and living standards of its workers. Also, to ensure the highest levels of conduct and environmental standards. Lazarus’ board is made up of locals and foreigners and is a breath of fresh air in a space dominated by firms who give nothing back to the areas that provide for them; nor seek to ameliorate the conditions of their workers and neighbours.