August 03, 2016 · Projects

    The mine security firm contracted to secure Lazarus’ mines is a Gurkha-run security operation called Crypt.

    Crypt is part-owned by the Lazarus Group and provides personal protection to Lazarus Group board members on and off site.

    Transport of precious materials and on-mine theft are complex areas which Crypt simplify using the latest solar-powered monitoring devices; all linked back to a viewing and monitoring station based just outside Clark airbase in the Philippines.

    Crypt is currently employing 35 guards who work across the mining, monitoring, transport and pawn shop sectors of Lazarus’ business. There are a further 20 Crypt personnel currently providing mine security for private firms in non-Lazarus locations.

    The core of Crypt’s personnel is British-army trained Gurkhas. However, Crypt employs locals in both Africa and Asia.