Ethical Mining Code

    August 07, 2016 · Uncategorized

    "Quality and Integrity" has been the cornerstone of Lazarus Group (hereinafter called the Company). Truthfulness, honesty, fairness, to each other, our Company, and to our investors and suppliers are the ethical standards by which we live and work. Each person who is an officer or director of the Company is a Company "Associate" and has a responsibility to deal ethically in all aspects of the Company's business and to comply fully with all laws, regulations, and Company policies. Anyone who is employed by the Company is expected to assume the responsibility for applying these standards of ethical conduct. When in doubt any future employees will have the responsibility to seek clarification from the appropriate Company representative.

    This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors, Officers and Employees has been developed to provide guidance for all Directors and Employees (including Officers) of Lazarus Group and its subsidiaries and affiliates. All Company personnel are expected to maintain high ethical standards of conduct and to comply fully with applicable laws and governmental regulations. All Employees and Directors will receive or be provided with a copy of this Code and should read, understand and comply with this Code in all of the Company's operations.

    This Code is in addition to other detailed policies that the Company may adopt from time to time. All Employees and Directors should read, understand and comply with any applicable detailed policies.