Lake Volta Project

    August 02, 2016 · Projects ·  Editor

    Along Lake Volta, Ghanaian children are sold into a life of forced labour, malnutrition, and abuse. Traffickers prey on poor families, who are persuaded to send their children to work in deplorable conditions on rickety fishing boats.

    Parents are told their children will attend school in exchange for a few hours of work. In reality, children work 19-hour shifts with one meal a day. There is no education, no reprieve, and no escape. Their dangerous duties include casting nets, diving, and hauling. Children often get tangled underwater in nets, and their families never hear from them again.

    The Lazarus Foundation’s approach is twofold:

    1. to lobby the Ghanaian Government to create a cessation to this child slavery and
    2. to work with local NGO’s to educate and house these child slaves, so they can have a decent future.